Hi! I’m Jane, 19 years old and I’m from the Czech republic

I’m looking for: pen pals, skype buddy, possible package pals (little packages), snail mail and a tumblr talking buddy would be great too!

About me: I love writting and receiving letters and packages from all around the world. I’m a little obsesed with anything stationery ☺ never have enough lol. I’ve had a few penpals before but eventually we lost contact. I’d love to meet new people and learn about cultures and just talk about anything ☺ I’d prefer an European for package exchange due to post cost but we can arrange something if you live elsewhere too. 

Likes: nature, animals, art, universe, science, tea, candles, drawings (I’d love to see cute lil drawings in letters!), languages, singing, mountains, photography, tumblr, letters and writting in general, tv shows, museums….

Dislikes: homophobic, racist and sexist people, coconuts and spiders

 xojayne @ gmail. com

Random fact: I study environment protection, I love snakes and winter

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