Hey there!!

Name: Soraia
Nickname: Sienna, Siih, Suri…
Age: 18 
Location: Luanda – Angola

Email: sienna.sebastiao @ gmail . com

About me: I’m an architecture student (just about to start my second year in uni) and I’m a classical musician (7y and counting). People often describe me as a nerd. My native language is Portuguese, I’m almost fluent in English, and in the future I’d like to learn Italian and Greek.

Likes: music, books, architecture, photography, anime, mithology…

Dislikes: racism or any kind of discrimination.

I’m looking for a long term email buddy, and maybe after a snail mail buddy or a Skype buddy. I’d rather someone around my age (18 – 24). Sex and location doesn’t matter. I’d prefer someone that speaks English, it’s always good to have someone to practice. And I’d be totally fine on helping anyone that wants to learn Portuguese ^^

Random fact: I think ice cream is the 8th wonder of the world, and the only way to make ice cream better is to add some fries to it.

Feel free to contact me through my askbox or direcly through my email
Either way, I’m looking forward on hearing back from you guys ^^

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