Name:  Shelby

Location: Oklahoma, U.S.A

Looking forward to: Snail Mail, Art Exchange, Packages, Culture Exchange, Tumblr Buddy or whatever you want to bring to the table, I am a very open minded person and excited for this new adventure that we both can take!

Language: English, some Spanish/some Cherokee

Email/Tumblr: Smalfaro2190 @

  • Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: I’ve never met a bad book, I love them all recommend me one please! / Anything funny, laughter is the way to my soul / I don’t  watch any TV, just own A LOT OF DVDS/ It really depends on my mood.
  • Other interests: Vintage pictures, anything outdoors the woods or the water is where you’ll find me in my hometown, doing DIY projects, bonfires,  learning about  people and their stories,  giving and getting advice, I am very open minded and I love trying new things!

What I would like in a Penpal : I want penpals from all walks of life from any location! I want to talk to everybody!!

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