Name: Hayley
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Language(s): English
Location: Louisiana – United States
Interests & hobbies: getting new tattoos, dying my hair, FX and makeup artistry are a passion, I read a lot, I’m a rave kid!, Warped Tour junkie, local show attendee, anime binges
Likes: animals, stickers, doodles, astronomy, EDM, country music, pop punk is life, Gothic fashion styles are amazing, I collect wigs, faeries are neat little creatures 
Dislikes: homophobia (I’m gay), rudeness, close minded people, people who aren’t willing to look at things from different perspectives.
What I wish for in a pen pal: someone who will respond in a timely manner and talk about anything! I want to know your life and where you’re from. I don’t get to leave the south often so I tend to live vicariously through friends lol. Preferably someone between 18 and 30 years old, please.
How to contact me:

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