(the title is an attempt to be funny about my inability to attach a photo on mobile. choose me as your pen pal for personalized unfunny humour!)

me: my name is Kierra and I’m a 20 year old French student at Simon Fraser University (that’s in Vancouver, BC, Canada). i moved away from my hometown so i’m trying hard to reach out to people and make new friends 🙂

what i’m looking for: people located in Vancouver, all of Canada, or a Francophone country. i’d love to practice French with someone fluent, and i’m capable of practising English with someone who’d like to learn! i want to become a French teacher, and so i’d especially love to get to know lots of people from French Canada. i don’t really have an age or gender preference, as long as conversation doesn’t get creepy. feel free to contact me if you’re younger than me as well, i will 100% extend the same respect to you.

i love to draw and i take a lot of silly photos to pass the time and distract myself from school, so if we’re sending snail mail, expect some drawings and pictures! i am fascinated by local cultures and family histories and i will probably ask to hear about your hometown and life.

likes: food, recipes, local/national culture, language, bad drawings, complaining about homework, pictures of your dog etc. also: oscar wilde.

dislikes: television (as a topic, i don’t really like tv), celebrity gossip (unless it’s about oscar wilde)

type of correspondence: snail mail or email is the best, and you can come say hello at wanderestless.tumblr.com/s ! i have Kik and snapchat too, posted on my bio. i hope to talk to some of you soon!


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