Hey Guys/Gals, My girlfriend (right) and I (left) are looking for a penpal. 

We are both 20 and live in the middle of England. 

We are looking for some one to email/snail mail/send gifts to. Pretty much anything to spread a little joy. We would prefer someone aged 18+ but no limits other than that!

About us: We both work full time and I currently study too. We love animals, like absolutely adore them. We recently gained two netherland dwarf rabbits which are so cute! We both have tattoos and are looking for more but also trying to plan adventures and holidays! We go to ice hockey and womens football when it’s in season. 

We are limited to English and a tiny bit of French but I’m happy to try to learn more. 

Looking forward to this 🙂 

You can contact us via (  
I’ve been unactive recently though! 
( sharkiejess @ )


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