Hi, my name is Neve, I live in the UK and I’m currently 17, soon to be 18 thank the heavens! 
Travelling is one thing that creates me, being in a family that focuses so much on exploring different places has made me a massive traveller( I’m not a gypsy I can assure you!) I love photography and anything to do with films! I take these both at A-level. I love any type of music. Sleep and eating is like my life as well as studying, so I need someone to distract me before my head explodes from revising. I primary speak English but I can speak little Spanish. 
I’m not fussed on who would want to talk to me, I just want someone who I can talk freely to, someone I can share my thoughts/feelings and someone who I can have random conversations about the world/universe or dogs for instance! I don’t care how old or what gender or religion, just would like someone to get to know, to learn about where they live etc.
So if you are interested, hit me up
Snapchat: neveinparis

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