Hello! My name is Lauren and I will turn 30 on October the 29th! I don’t feel 30 and apparently I don’t look it either. I live in the UK.

I am looking for two or three female pen-pals who are aged between 25-30 years of age who are interested in the same things as I am.

  • I am a huge book worm and love to read a range of books (I am not a fan of chic lit though)
  • I adore computer games such as animal crossing new leaf, super mario bros, Mario kart etc.
  • Random likes: tattoos (I have a few) Disney, Harry Potter, card making, going to the beach, yoga, lifting weights, owls. (Lots more)
  • Music I like to listen to: fallout boy, shinedown, skrillex, bring me the horizon, skindred, halestorm, Marilyn Manson, the bangles, Michael Jackson (lots more)

Feel free to message me on tumblr if you feel you have some of the same interests as me and would like to exchange letters.
I also have an Instagram account

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