Talking buddy and new friends!(hope I uploaded a right pic)

Hope you are not the one who send random messages(copy and paste) at least you should see if I am the right person.

Name: Sherry

Age: 19

Location: China

Looking for: English speaker, Pen pal &music pal aged around 18-25 to talk with ,send snail mail ,and exchanges some cultural stuff. 

I like my country culture very much,especially  the language,I ’d love to share my experience of learning Chinese(Yeah,Chinese people also learn Chinese)if u r willing to do language exchange.

Let’s see if I’m the right person you’ve been looking for

Here is a few words to describe little part of me

Vigorous,because I am young!!!


Responsible,I feel so shy to complicate myself><


The rest part of me let u to find out

Interests:Listening to soft music,whatching TV shows,reading proses,wrting,paiting,cooking

I always tend to create some unique stuff for myself like wrting,drawing ,composing music and cooking.

Thanks for reading,if u would like to know me,please start from sending me a little message on my Tumblr:radiantsherry

I will be very happy if I got a little message!!!

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