Lets be PenPals!


Hi there!
My name is Deborah and I’m 23 years old. I’m from Brasil and I’m looking for snail mail friends!
I’m interested in mostly everything. I love movies, tv series, books, art, drawing, singing, writing, talking, sleeping (hahaha), eating, etc…
I’m very excited to get to know people from all over the world. I love getting to know new cultures and I’d love to have a pen pal from the Netherlands. My family lives there and I’d love to understand more of their culture.
But you don’t have to be Dutch to reach me! I’m excited to write to people from all over the world! Anyway…
I’m slightly obsessed with Disney and cats, and fan art. It would be cool finding someone who could exchange art pieces with me along side our letters. 🙂
I studied psychology for three years but didn’t graduate due to various reasons. Now I’m going through a necessary and tough period when I’m finding out more about myself, and I’d love someone to talk to about all the crazy things life comes up for us.
Well, I guess I’ve said enough… Hahahaha…
If you are interested, please reach me on my email!


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