Looking for a long term pen pal


Hi, my name is Jade. I’m 22 (23 this year) and live in the UK.

Firstly, I have a wonderful little boy who recently turned 3 (the reason I’m not including a picture of myself on my ad is because all the ones on my phone have him in and I don’t really want to post a picture on such a public site).

I love to cook and always willing to try out new things in the kitchen, it would be pretty cool to meet somebody else who could maybe share recipes with? That’s not essential though.

I love to read but sadly don’t get to do so as much any more, so I tend to catch up on it during work breaks. I do nights at a weekend.

Animals are a big interest to me, almost all. Mainly reptiles but you can see from my url also creepy crawlies.

Honestly I’m not great at promoting myself at all but if anybody is interested in having me as their pen pal I’m easier to get to know in conversation.

I prefer to speak to talk to anybody that is 19+ . To begin with I would like to chat on here/Skype/Google Hangouts/Email or whatever suits you before snail mail.

I’d prefer to give out my email privately so feel free to message me and I’ll pass that on or send me yours and I’ll send you one first.

Contact – creepycrawlycritters.tumblr.com/

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