Heya! My name is Alex! I live in sunny California, US and I’m 19. 

I love photography, animals, and anything artsy. I recently started looking into Wicca. 

I dislike lying (but doesn’t everyone?). 

I only speak English, so please keep that in mind!  

I’ve actually submitted on here but some of my penpals fell to the wayside and now I need new ones! If you’re interested, my tumblr is 
and my email is alexes.ciardi @

I’m looking for someone to exchange snail mail with, and maybe some art swaps here and there. I would like my penpals to be in the 18-25 age range, please. And for now, only pen pals in the United States. I’m too poor for more international pen pals. 

Like I said, you can get in touch with me through my tumblr or my email. Don’t be shy!

Fun fact: I was a ballerina for 13 years.

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