Greetings from the U.S!!
Hello my name is Brittanie (:
I live in Southern California, US
I am 20. I will be 21 in November

A little about myself: I am multifaceted/ a jack of all trades haha and what I mean by that is that I am interested in many things!! I am a country girl, I ride dirt bikes, I am very artsy, I am in tune with myself and with nature, I’m a huge animal lover and I am a very spiritualistic, etc… I’m a unique person with a unique blend of interests. 

Some of my interests are: Reading, horseback riding, botanical perfumery, painting, crafting, making hard candies from scratch, being outdoors, dabbling in aromatherapy, herbalism, crystal healing… and the list goes on!!

I am looking for long term friends/pen pals that wont stop randomly writing me and that are interested in hearing me rant about my life, things that interest me, my daily life, adventures with my animals and so much more lol. {Oh I also like to follow my penpals on Instagram or add them on Facebook so that we can connect over social media as well}

I only speak English

  • I already have 3 Pen Pals but I am looking for a few more!!
  • I am currently looking for Females only (sorry guys) Age: 18-26
  • From Around that world: England, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, France, Spain, Ireland, Morocco, Italy, Rome, Fiji, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Canada
  • From the US: Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Washington, North Carolina

(if I didn’t list your state or country still message me, I might be interested!)

I am interested in snail mail. Sending small packages containing goodies, tea, art, etc.

Please send me a message on my tumblr ( )
if you are interested!! 😀  xx

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