Hi, my name is Naëlle and i’m 20. I’m from Belgium (the little country between France and Germany). My native language is french but i don’t mind if you only speak in english, it will make me practice my bad english. 

I’m looking for a penpal from anywhere in the world, age and gender doesn’t mind. I want to learn about your country and culture, ect. 

I play the guitar since i’m 14 and i love to sing too. It’s going to look like a cliché but I’m also part of the scouts. (The little scout girl playing the guitar bla bla bla :p)

I’m look for an e-mail friend and maybe it will end in snail mail and I could even probably send you belgian chocolate which is by far the best in the world :D.

Hope to hear from you, 
Naëlle 😀

Here is my e-mail adress: naelle.cristofalo @

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