Greetings from Africa..My Name is Darlington, I am from Africa. I speak fluent English and would like to make friends with people from different cultural background. I am 31 years old.  I am down to earth open minded with a positive outlook on life and with keen sense of humor. I`m a very outgoing and honest person who loves to spend time with friends.  I am looking forward to making some awesome new friends.  I really want to find someone who would talk to me anything. Seeing people talk about things they’re passionate about is amazing. Age, gender, location doesn’t matter.

If you are interested to know about Africa, I will be happy to tell you about Africa, the culture, music, tradition, wildlife, dances and send you photos.

PLEASE if you decide to answer to this one, don’t stop writing  after one or two emails.  I like to communicate regularly. It is very difficult for me if I just get a few sentences to feel motivated to keep mailing you back. I would like for this to be a long term thing.

My interests include:  reading, traveling , writing, music, photography,  culture, tradition, history, religions, videography, going to art galleries, concerts, animals, nature, antiques, meditation, sports

Want to be my pen pal?  Email here at: 
darlingtonmicah @

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