name: maya
age: 18
country: Finland (i’m actually spanish but)
zodiac symbol: gemini

hobbies: drawing/painting/doodling, cooking, knitting, reading, visiting museums, geocaching, music, learn languages, series, movies and music, going to picnic, crafting, snail mail (obviously wtf), deep conversations, petting animals and traveling.

(even though i’m worthless choosing favorites, let’s try it)

  • favorite singer/band: Lana del Rey, The Smiths, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Russian Red, 1973, The Japanese House and Belle & Sebastian
  • favorite series: black mirror, AHS, sense8 (currently watching), gossip girl, skins and penny dreadful (currently watching)
  • favorite films/directors: i like almost all the work of Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen and Tim Burton, but i also like a real lot this kind of romantic movies that never ends as they’re supposed to ( Moulin Rouge, 500 Days of Summer or Submarine for example) and Big Fish style (that “grand finale” always makes me cry)

things i do not like: people who think that are better than the others. People who doesn’t have goals in their lives and are not interested in learning and discovering new things. The heat, sausages, olives, excessively romantic films (f.e. The Notebook), animal testing, killing bugs (could you please just gently take it and set him/her free? thanks), selfish people and conceited people.

things i do like: people talking about their passions, old fashioned love, berries, mythology, bees, veggie/environmentally friendly products (like lush!), moomin, the smell of new books, manley, copic ciao, dogs, cats, plants (every alive creature is welcome to my tiny heart), long walks, snow, christmas, the mountains, candles, cute socks with cute shoes, pressed flowers and handmade things.

why am i looking for penpals?: i have always been this kind of weird girl in the class who’s doing “stupid”, “ridiculous” things, like going to the theatre, art galleries, doing snail mail, having a journal (i don’t really know why this was considered weird in my high school, i think those thing are totally cool lol), etc. I just think it would be nice to find someone who shares some hobbies and  enjoys them.

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