Hello everyone! My name is Justin Buzek, and I’m 20 years old. If you’re reading this, well… It’s because both of us are looking for a penpal! 

   I’m from a boring town in Texas, there’s literally nothing to do here. The beach is dirty, and the water is clear maybe 2 days out of the year.


– Music (every genre besides opera)

– Art

– Parkour/Free-running

– Writing (sometimes i just write random words I see and fill the page up)

– Traveling


– Playing guitar (mainly), drums, piano, bass, ukulele, and a little bit of violin

– Performing freak show stunts (Fire eating, human blockhead, homemade lobotomy, etc)

– Rapping (I cant sing so rapping is the next best thing lol)

Well if you want to know anymore about me, or if you’re interested in becoming penpals, don’t be scared to contact me!

Contact Info:

Kik: Justinbuzek1995

Instagram: Thatscopeguy


   I hope to hear from someone soon!(:

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