Maria | Aged 20 | Australia

I’m your average poor-sighted female. I love video games (favourites include Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, L.A. Noire, DmC, Telltale Games .. you name it!), so finding a pen pal who also games to exchange nerdy merch with me with be great. I’m also nuts for drawing – the above photo the left is just an example of what I can do. I’ll binge watch basically anything, however my favourites shows are Modern Family, Scrubs, The Office & Bob’s Burgers. I’m a bit of a Snapchat and IG addict too.

I’ve got some lovely pen pals as it is, but I’ve lost contact with a few too, so gaining a couple of newies would be awesome. I’m not fussed about location and gender, however an age range of about 17-23 would be ideal.

You can grab my attention by sending me a message on
or messaging me at live-by-the-creed @

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