Hi there! My name is Ashley, I am 16 (17 next month!) and I am currently living in Canada!

I love to travel and learn languages and about other cultures!! I also enjoy reading classic novels and I love action and adventure movies!

Even if you think you might be different from me, don’t hesitate to contact me! I love learning about new interests and things that I didn’t even know about before!! 

I have no specific requirements for penpals, I just want to meet someone I can vibe with! I prefer to talk in English and Spanish, or Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Dutch or Greek however if you speak a language that I didn’t mention, we can still talk and I would love to learn your language!

I am looking forward to meeting some great people and hope to hear from some of you soon!!!

Feel free to contact me through my tumblr: http://lacienerra.tumblr.com/

or emailing me: ashley.s.brito@gmail.com 

P.S. I don’t snail mail! Email only 🙂

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