ID #25439


Name: Andrea
Age: 19
Country: USA (New York)

I guess you can say I’m horribly bookish, but not as much as I wish to be. I’ve always been obsessed with reading other people’s letters, like Diego Rivera’s and Frida Khalo’s, Vita Sackville-West’s and Virginia Woolf’s, and even Saint-Exupéry’s, Kafka’s and Nabokov’s. However it always made me feel a little guilty, to read something I wasn’t supposed to. I would love to have the chance to exchange my own letters with a new friend. I’m looking for a snail-mail pen-pal only, since it’s important to me to actually write a letter. I love music as well, and I’m willing to hear and give you endless music recommendations. I like movies and TV shows as well (well I’m writing this I’m impatiently waiting for Avatar: The Last Airbender to charge) and art. I’m not a great artist, but I’ll try to make you as many drawings, playlists, and collages as I can manage. I know a little about photography too. I hope to publish a book someday, if I ever get around to actually write it. I can speak English and Spanish, and I’m currently learning French, and even though it’s harder than it seems, I’m loving the experience to learn it. I love the space and science as well, to be honest every topic is interesting to me if the person is interesting and passionate enough. I wish to have a friend that feels like s/he can tell me anything, no matter how small or big that thing appears to be.

Preferences: 16-26. I’m a bisexual girl, and even though I’m not looking anything romantic please don’t write to me if that’s a problem to you. Nothing disrespectful, please.

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