hi there!!!!
i’m sarah, 17, homeschool grad and living in tx usa.
i would like an international snail mail pal although one from the us is great too. 🙂
i’m a vintage junkie, history buff, old soul, book nerd, electronic geek, wannabe photographer, rainy day lover, coffee drinker, period drama fan, a forever swiftie, obsessed with paris france and will be a faithful pen pal!
i had a pen pal when i was 12 and wrote her weekly while she wrote only occasionally which was frustrating!
so trust me, i’ll write like crazy.
i want to write someone who i can be a friend to and will be to me as well….as long as they don’t mind little drawings on their letters!
if i sound like someone you wanna write please message me!!
tumblr: @imsarahc

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