That’s me on the right, in the wedding dress!

Name: RayRay
Age: 28
Location: CT, USA

Email: Raycoli@

Hello all! I’m looking for a snail mail penpal, preferably 25+ but I’ll talk to anyone over 18. I’d much rather penpals be within the US, as international postage is expensive, but I’m flexible. Unfortunately I can only read/write in English.

Hobbies include crocheting, reading, board games, anime/manga, videogames. I’m currently teaching myself ASL and how to sew, and slowly getting into yoga. I love zombies, Dragon Age, aquariums, and pizza.

I’ve been married for three years now but just had the wedding last month. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment with my husband and three rats, but I’m hoping to build up my family soon, whether it be more rats, a dog, or even a baby.

I would love to exchange letters, maybe even small goodies. I tend to write long letters, and would really appreciate it if my penpals did the same. One of my favorite things is making lasting friendships through snail mail.

Please feel free to contact me through tumblr ( @fat-tanuki​ )
or email and tell me a little about yourself!

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