Hi there! I’m Erin, I’m 20 and from Brisbane, Australia.

My hobbies include: Reading (My favourite books include The Kingkiller Chronicles, Into the Wild and The Book Thief.) Writing, Sewing (Half my clothes are homemade, the other half found at thrift shops) as well as thinking deeply about the universe. I’ve recently been getting into philosophical lectures/speeches by people like Alan Watts and Terence McKenna. I’m really interested in a lot of the topics they discuss.

In the new year I am planning a few big life changes. A sort of “experiment” you might call it. One is to step away from consumerism by buying no unnecessary material objects. Things like food and items necessary to my job are the only things I’ll purchase. I want the vast majority of my money to be spent on experiences that better me as a person. My second change is to severely cut back on my use of technology in order to pursue what I believe is a more meaningful existence. Because of this I want to surround myself with fellow creatives and people who have passion in life or ideas on society that generally don’t fit with the mindwashed norm. 

Since I won’t be on the internet much I’ll have plenty of time for snail mail and the occasional little package and would love to find people around my age who want to do the same. It’d be great if you lived in Australia too because that makes letters a lot quicker and easier, but if I connect with someone overseas then so be it! This is a very roundabout way of saying I’d love to find people I can be inspired by and are dancing their own dance through this world. 

Apologies for the long submission, but if you feel like becoming my penpal you can introduce yourself first through email or my blog. You can reach me at:

eza_236 @

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