(This picture was taken when I went to New York in January and was going through orange withdrawal and had finally found an orange.)

Hi! I’m Alyssa, I usually go by Aly. I’m 20 and I live in Florida, USA.

I love most things nerdy. I’m currently binging on Steven Universe and I watch as many We Bare Bear episodes as they release. I’m in love with everything Marvel, especially the movies. I do get stuck reading the comics to try to make preditions as to what they’re going to keep/change in the current universe the movies are in. I also really enjoy LoTR, the Hobbit, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Carribean. I’m just starting to get into Cosplay and I may need some help with that so anyone that would be willing to help a girl out should come my way. 😉

There’s not many things that I dislike other than spiders, closed minded people, and when people rub napkins in their hands…but I don’t think that will be a problem..

I’m looking for an email/text buddy with occasional packages (I enjoy giving). I just work better that way, letters seems so far off and I enjoy having fun people to talk to.

Fun Fact: I’ve been on the worlds tallest and second fastest steel rollercoster, Kingda Ka. Also, I melt aluminum for fun.

Either of these works:
E-Mail: amo3574 @

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