Hello! My name is Leah (nicknames include but not limited to: Leah P. Princess Leia, Leelee, Nighthawk, Leela, Lisa, P…it seems everyone I know gives me a different one!) I am 17 (almost 18!) from Central Massachusetts, but go to boarding school in New Hampshire, US.

Likes: science, engineering, FRC, Star Trek, Harry Potter, memes, music (listening and playing), theater, Sherlock, House, Doctor Who, Marvel universe, cosplaying, flowers, fall, winter, tea, Europe, healthy food, recovery

Dislikes: people who believe they are above everyone else, especially due to money, closed-minded people, rudeness, country music, Donald Trump, zucchini

What I’m looking for: someone who enjoys the same things with me and will talk to me about them, be my support and someone who will be a good friend to me. Preferably 16 – 20 and can be anywhere!

My email is (lpinner @ shortridgeacademy . com)
My tumblr is

Fun Fact: I love traveling; I’ve been to Germany, Alabama and Hawai’i [lived there by myself for 2 months] on my own!

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