Hi I’m Bryn, female, 17, from the U.S.

I’m into music of most sorts, though I’m severely lacking in musical talent. I also enjoy all other forms of art whether visual or conceptual. I speak best through written word, as I’m a published author, and enjoy every aspect of science to its fullest, whether it be microbiology, physics, astronomy, chemistry, neurology, etc.

I love people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. I’m religious but I love listening to other’s opinions and idealisms, and am open to learning new things.

Like I said before, people are my favorite and I love hearing other people’s stories, which is why I love to pen pal. Snail Mail is my preferred method of communication, but I also email and snapchat. You can get in touch with me on my blog: the-meme-and-the-town

thanks Loves 🙂

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