My name is Shahan. I’m a 22 year old from Alberta Canada. Unfortunately I only speak English. I’m currently working full time for an oil and gas company.

I’m looking for a penpal who wants to share their world views, spirtual beliefs, cultural perspectives and just everyday things. I love learning about people and their stories.

I really don’t have a preference on age, gender, sexuality, race, religion etc. I’m more so wanting to learn about different cultures and lifestyles through the lens of a normal person.

The thought that two people, so far away from each other could know so much about one another yet never meet is fascinating to me.

I’m most definitely open to international mailing! I am new at this and never had a penpal so I’m unsure of the process here.

If you have some patience and want to get random quirky pictures and cut outs along side letters from a normal Canadian guy trying to figure out this crazy thing we call life, then my contact information is:


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