Hi everybody! My name is Yasmin, I’m 19 and currently living in London, UK. I’m originally from Germany but moved here in August for a year abroad.

I’m looking for a snail mail pen pal because I like receiving letters plus I never answer emails anyway. You should be around 17-22, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what gender you are (or which gender you identify yourself with).

You should be able to speak English. I’m pretty much fluent in German and English. Also, I’ve learned French but I was never really interested in the language so I kinda forgot everything. I’ve learned Russian for 3 years and I can read it without a problem but I’ve never learned much of vocabulary so I don’t really understand everything I’m reading.

Likes: I enjoy exploring, reading and watching TV Shows (OITNB; Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Modern Family, Bob’s Burgers). I looooove music, unfortunately I’m not really talented in that area so I’m stuck to just listening to it and singing along (really badly but hey). My favorite artists are: Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, One Direction, Little Mix, James Arthur, Aiden Grimshaw, Cher Lloyd, Marina and The Diamonds, Ed Sheeran and I enjoy some overly hyped songs from time to time as well.

Dislikes: Narrow-minded people (homophobia, transphobia, etc), school (luckily I’m finished), when people ask me about my future (like heck, idk, school only taught me unnecessary stuff since 7th Grade) and when people eat with their mouth open or interrupt me when I’m saying something.

Fun Fact: I probably will remember one once I already submitted this. Oh! I was awake 40 hours because of a One Direction concert and i kinda regret it but kinda do not. It was The Hunger Games 3.0 (the signing in Cologne, Germany was The Hunger Games 2.0, which I attended as well so I’m pretty much Katniss)

please contact me on my tumblr:
or via email: yjacobldn @ gmail . com (It’s an L in ‘ldn’)

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