Name: my name is Ebony D. and my email is ebony.deacon @ hotmail . com

Is it me you’re looking for? So my name is Ebony and I am a 20 year old uni student. I’m studying a bachelor of Business with a major in accounting but I 100% wont appreciate you if you try to talk account balances and depreciation to me. I plan to continue my studies into law or into high school education as a Maths teacher. Idk man the world is full of opportunities, I might even go live in the wild for like months to increase the quality of my writing*. As you can see above you will never get a photo of me genuinely smiling because I have destroyed all evidence, not because I hate my smile (i have this cute gap) but mainly because I’m like Barney Stinson but instead of a great photo you get stupid faces. Just wait til you see my snap chat (god forbid!).  I actually like a lot of stuff so don’t stress about finding something in common, my interests range from: writing, reading, drawing (badly :/), music, superheros, sci-fi, STAR WARS, bad blogging, american tv-shows. I really like writing and I’m pretty convinced if I publish anything that gets turned into a movie, Dylan Obrien will be acting in it somewhere. Um hopefully I see like an okay candidate if not a bubbling buffoon?

* Into the wild (great movie) 

Do you fit the criteria? I’ve been on here before and I actually was lucky enough to score two really great pen pals! I guess what I’m looking for now are Australian Snail Mail Buddies and then email/whats app pen pal buddies around the world. I really like the United States because I’m hopefully going to move there once I’ve finished university. I’m not looking for something specific but I am looking for someone to talk regularly too. I’m actually really keen to find a writing buddy, someone who maybe likes to write fiction to send maybe ideas back and forth. 

hit me up and I can give you my whatsapp or we can figure out how we wanna do this. 

Im not all that interesting. But I once had a nightmare that a shark was in my swimming pool at my birthday party and I got super mad because it was supposed to be a pool party so I called the shark a jerk and It chased me on land for a good ten minutes and I am so ashamed to say that I did not swim in my pool for a good two weeks after that. 

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