First name: Ashley

Age: 28

Location: So|CA

Languages I speak: English

Email/Tumblr:   http://ash-ksif.tumblr.com

Books: Fantasy- think Tolkien, Martin, Rowling, and Riodan.

TV Shows: Fillion fan so Firefly and Castle (Besides, Stana Katic is stunning). 

Movies: Gosh, all time favorites: Miss Congeniality, The Holiday, and everything Disney 

Music: Where to begin… Indie: Tesla Boy, Neon Indian, Kate Boy, Thelma Plum, Alina Baraz & Galimatias, Uh Huh Her, etc. I also have a soft spot for classic jazz, electro-house, and pop. 

Other interests: disney, adventures, reading, movies, music, learning/teaching, kittens, puppies, and halloween-thanksgiving-christmas obsessed!

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy: Relatively close in age, interested in similar music or willing to swap artist suggestions, disney fan a +, easy-going, and all around nice person! Seriously, I am full of happiness and playfulness so I am looking for others who look at the world full of wonder and delight! Beauty can be found in the simplest of things. 

Preferred method of contact: tumblr/email for now!

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