Hello there!

Here’s a bit about me:
Name: Kimiko
Location: Hawaii
Language: English

My life is normal for the most part. Reading, coffee, art, music, love boy, dog, cooking, geeking out, hiking and so much more.(Lets try to keep some excitement and mystery for you. ^~^)

I’m looking to participate in the ancient art of written correspondence. I want to meet new people, learn about different cultures, and find some people to share lives with, even across countries and continents. The world is big and to connect with someone out there (taking the time so write out and send letters to) would be quite amazing.

I’m looking for a penpal my age (23-28). Preferably in a different country than the U.S. (However I’ll not deny you if you’re from the mainland states). Some humor, and common interests would be ideal. Unfortunately I only speak English (and a smidgeon of Japanese).

If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to message me! amhuirnin

Hope to meet you soon!

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