Looking for pen pal :)


Name: Víctor
Age: 19
Location: Costa Rica, Central America
E-mail: berropandillaff25 @gmail.com

Looking for: I’ve never had a pen pal so I would like to start by e-mail or social media, since I don’t get enough free time to do more 🙁 (I’m an engineering student). My only requirement is age, 17-21 would be fine, just to have more in common. Oh and sadly I only know Spanish and English so, there’s that too. 

Likes: Comic books (DC and some of Marvel) and any movie or show related, TV shows (OUAT, GoT, Breaking Bad, HIMYM, Sherlock), watching movies of almost any kind, music (Coldplay, Maroon5, Imagine Dragons, 80’s-90’s, Latin music),  others’ art projects and anything science related.

Dislikes: any kind of discrimination, rude people and drugs.

Random fact: I almost forgot! I’m a NaruHina shipper (former otaku) and I may have memorized Marvel’s The Avengers.

If you’d like to contact me, my tumblr user is victordba10.tumblr.com

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