HELLO! ^-^


Hello to every lovely person in this world :D! I am Meryem, 23 years young and I’m from the South East of France! 

I submitted a lot of times before and here I am, submitting again because some of my penpals got too busy. I just love the idea of getting to know people through letters. It sounds so wonderful to me … So, yeah I’m mainly looking for snail mail penpals but I’m totally cool with emails and skype as well! 🙂 (Also, I do not mind starting via emails if you’re not comfortable with sharing your address)

I accept everyone, you can be bisexual, gay, lesbian … from any country or gender! I have always wanted to live in a world where everyone loves everyone… So, yeah I love everyone! I am definitely not a judgemental person! I’d like to get some male penpals as I mainly have women penpals, but one again, girls are more than welcome to contact me! All I ask is that you are between 18 – 25 years old, and that you just tell me your name, your age and where you’re from when you contact me 🙂 It is not much, so please do it!!

I have no particular country preference, but it would be cool to get penpals from Ireland (as it is a country I have planned to visit soon), Scotland, Mexico, Cuba, Taiwan, Singapour, Australia, Canada and Wales! You can be from anywhere, I do not really care 😉

A little about myself … I do not want to say that much so we have things to discuss about … I would describe myself as a kind and patient person … I’m also EXTREMELY shy, and I love helping people out when I can. I always found that the feeling of being useful to someone a wonderful feeling! I’m always here if you want someone to talk to! 🙂

You can contact me through my tumblr account, it is : meryemcaby.tumblr.com
and through my email address : meryem.38 @ hotmail.fr 

I check both often, so do not worry, I will see your message! Though, I’d recommend you to use my email first because tumblr’s messaging can be very rubbish!

Hope to hear from you soon sweet people!
All my love your way <3,
Meryem 🙂

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