So I guess just a little something about me an if you’re interested drop me a message 🙂
I recently turned 27 I’m living in the UK Birmingham more specifically! I currently work in retail training as a manager (though not the career I hoped for I do enjoy my job) I’m quite artsy when the mood strikes and I love to paint an craft and we’ll anything I can attempt to make really! I love all sorts of movies and TV I have a fond love for my Netflix! I’m into I guess rock music mostly but my tastes vary. I do like to read but never seem to find the time (or anything that engrossed me enough recently) one of my all time faves is the time travellers wife! 
I’m hoping to find a snail mail pal who is patient enough with me as my odd working shifts can make it difficult to reply sometimes but I will always find the time to sit down with a cuppa and answer eventually! 
Sarah x x 

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