ID #24056


Name: Kim
Age: 25
Country: USA

I’m Kim. I also go by Mariah sometimes, but that’s another story for another time. Friends call me Hazza because of my obsession with Harry Styles. So that’s something that you have to be able to deal with if you want to write with me. I’m an avid fangirl, and the main things that I’m obsessed with are One Direction, Harry Potter, Skrillex, Ed Sheeran, The Voice and 5SOS. However, I’m always open to talking about more things and learning about more fandoms. I’m 25, but I still act like I’m about 18 in terms of fandom… Which could be a problem sometimes, but I love it.

I have a lot that I want to do with my life; but a lot more that I’ll probably never achieve. My greatest goal is to one day become a published author of a book that will touch someone in the same way that my favorite book has touched me. In the meantime, I sit at home on the computer all day and dwell in fictional worlds that my mind dreams up, hoping that one day my thoughts will no longer be stars, but constellations. I do a lot with “roleplay” online; and writing the fictional characters that I’ve created for those universes takes up so much of my time; I would love to be able to actually write about reality for once.

I’m an overgrown child, really. I still believe that one day Peter Pan will sneak into my room and offer me a flight to Neverland. My entire outlook on life is centered around the need to be happy, not the need to survive. My favorite quote of all time is “The darkness is calling. A little danger, a little risk. Feel your heart race. Listen to it. That’s the sound of being alive. It’s your time. Your one chance to have fun before it’s all stolen by them, the adults, with their cruelty and endless rules, their can’t-do-this, and can’t-do-that’s, their have-tos, and better-dos, their little boxes and cages all designed to break your spirit, to kill your magic.” and I do a lot of living by that one philosophy. I like to think that makes me an entertaining sort of person… But you can be the judge of that.

Preferences: I would love an actual pen pal. Snail mail is the main thing that I’m interested in as I don’t have the attention span online to write email pen pals. I’ve tried that before and it never worked. It would be great to go to the mailbox and pull something out that’s not bills or advertisements.

I’m willing to write several pages, and often times ramble on and on. I can talk about my entire life, and would love someone that can be a confidante of sorts.

My favorite countries, and the countries that I would love to have contacts from are Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Britain, and Ireland. However, anyone is welcome!! With the exception of I would prefer if you weren’t actually near Virginia. I just don’t know how I feel about giving my address out to someone so close.

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