Looking for Inspiring written communication nothing more


Pen Name : Jason

Gender: Male

Age:  Mid 50’s

Jase_ace30 @ yahoo.co.uk

I notice this place is it seems exclusively used by teenagers and I applaud – however as an older man I am also looking for a pen pal. I have always enjoyed letter writing and the art of calligraphy – there is something amazing about reading  journals written over decades so many things forgotten if not recorded. I write in Moleskin note books and journal life not by day but by significant events – I am university educated, of English Descent but not English, widely travelled and have had a life of both spiritual and physical adventure.  I am not interested in spraying my personal life over the interweb nor do I have a fascination for self publicity. There is much to say but not here – I have travelled from the Arctic to the Antarctic and the Himalaya – I have children am lovingly married and not looking for romance or a relationship I am looking to share life in writing, to be inspired, to bring to life stories I may have forgotten. If this interests you perhaps you might like to investigate a connection. I have a bucket list goal to become a published writer and here is a starting point as they say over here “ Give it a crack Trev”

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