Name: Tiara / Age: 23 / Location: Oklahoma, USA 

Hi all! I used to have a pen pal but it kind of fizzled out so I’m looking to try it again!

About me: I am currently on a hiatus from college where I majored in history. I am a lover of all things related to learning more about others (astrology, numerology, etc.) [Side note: I am a Leo!] I love learning about others. Reading is a favorite hobby of mine when I have the time to do so [mysteries are my favorite.] Purple is my favorite color. I am a queer woc so if you’re looking for someone to relate to, here I am! I’m not sure what else to say…

Likes: Reading, food, random facts

Dislikes: Hypocrisy, negativity, non-accepting people

Fun fact: I recently became a bartender at my job so that’s cool.

I would prefer to have a pen pal through snail mail but I am open to anything. I would eventually send packages/gifts too if we work out that well. I’m hoping to make a new friend! My last pen pal was similar to me (queer woc) so that’d be cool if I could find another. However, I will be pen pals with anyone as long as you’re seriously willing to do it.

Please hit me up if you think we’d make great pen pals. I’d like first contact to be electronically (Tumblr/Email) then we can send letters! 🙂 

Email: teeairrah @ hotmail (dot) com

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