Name: Mariana (or Mari)

: 16

: Texas, US 

my email is
; iconiac25 @ gmail .com 

My entire life basically revolves around my tv schedule and my band schedule. I used to play clarinet for 5 years but i quit and now i spin flag in my high school colorguard (: . I’m honestly just looking for a friend, because i don’t have that many and the ones i do always pick someone else over me, and i just want someone i can talk to and tell them what im feeling. 

I can only do email buddy but hopefully it would lead to snail mail. I check my email frequently so i will reply fast. Since I’m only 16 I don’t want to talk to anyone older than 20. 

I guess a random fact about me is that i am obsessed with bagels, cream cheese, and avocados. I hope someone is willing to be my pal!

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