Looking for penpals!


Hello everyone.

I’m Irene and I’m 17 years old. I love sending letters and receiving letters since I was really little. I’m Spanish but I can speak English and I’m learning French, I love languages.

I also like music, any kind of music so if you like some kind of music and you would like to show me them, I would love it! I also like art and films and documentals because I feel I can learn many things from it. I can send you letters with traditions and things I learned. I also like to doodle so I can send you letters with doodles. 

Hope someone find it interesting, I’m a really open person and I won’t mind any religion, race, sexuality or anything. I love to learn about things I don’t know.

My favourite film now is Lilting and I also love sweets and tea. Hope this is enough information.

My email is irenerc1997@hotmail.es, I would like to have a penpal for snail mailing but we can talk first to know each others good. 

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