Hi, everybody. My name is Anthony, I’m twenty-five years old, I live in Florida, US and you can reach me at k_m_anthony [at] outlook [dot] com if for some reason you really, really have to, but, honestly, for the most part, I’m probably going to see your message faster if you just reach out to me here on Tumblr. My ask box is open pretty much unconditionally.

Basically, you know, I’m here to looking for friends. I like friends. They’re nice, and I don’t feel I’ve actually ever had enough of them in my life. There’s this poem by Walt Whitman that, year after year after year after year, I find myself coming back to – about a noiseless, patient spider standing, poised, on a mountaintop, spinning thread after thread after thread after thread and casting them all out into the misty, endless emptiness that stretches out all around him, hoping and praying that even just one of them will finally connect to someone or something out there in the big, big, unknown world just so he can know that he’s not alone in the universe.

I love that image, and I relate to it so much. I’ve lived so much of my life being quiet or alone or withdrawn, letting chances and people pass me without ever really reaching out to them, and, to be really honest, I’m kind of sick and tired of living that way. This isn’t the first call I’ve made for pen pals – actually, over the course of the last maybe year and a half, I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve ever had here, and it’s actually because I’ve had so much good luck here that I want to see if I can make lightning strike one more time. I stumble into blessings every time I place an ad here, and I try my best to be a blessing of the same caliber for everyone I meet.

A little bit more about me: I was studying secondary English education in college before a combination of plummeting funds and a slew of mental health issues made me have to leave. Right now, I’m unemployed but desperately looking for work and writing in my free time. I have a children’s fantasy novel in the works that I really hope to publish when it’s done. That’s basically my dream. Beyond that, I read, I paint, I love animation, I dabble casually in video games, and for about a year, I ran my own book, TV, and movie review site until, well, again, money and personal issues made me have to close it. Hosting gets so expensive…

I’m looking for snail-mail pen pals only at this point. I’d be happy to use e-mail or message back and forth here on Tumblr if you’d like to get to know me first, but, ultimately, snail mail is by far my favorite, and, honestly, I’ve never been much for Skype or anything like that. I have a lot of social anxiety, and the high-stakes immediacy of something like Skype makes me feel…insecure, I guess you could say.

The only language I know is English, so that’s really going to have to be a requirement, but I don’t really have a lot of other hangups. Age-wise, twenties would probably be a good general range. Any race, any gender, any background, anywhere in the world is fine. No judgment on my part. It’s all good.

And that’s probably about it. If you’re interested, feel free to drop me a line.
k_m_anthony [at] outlook [dot] com
or, preferably,

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