Name: Kinsey  
Age: 21
Location: Florida, USA  

At the moment, I’m looking for an English speaking snail mail pen pal.

About Me: Greetings from sunny Florida! My name is Kinsey, and I’m currently in the process of finding friendly, good-humored pen pals. For starters, I’m a part-time Sales Associate, Office Assistant, and Student majoring in Paralegal Studies. That said, I consider myself as creative, inspired, and incredibly thoughtful with lots of love to give to those around her (meaning that I would do my absolute best to shower you with plenty of rather meaningful snail mail with the occasional gift and goodies). I’m a strange girl with a mind that wanders aimlessly, but to me, being “normal” isn’t all that fun! 😉

Likes: Electronic Dance Music, my oh so lovable boyfriend, animals (especially cats), traveling, astrology (my zodiac sign is a Cancer in case you were wondering), Italian food, building long-lasting friendships, intellectual conversations, buddhism, sharing original (or non-original, but truly mind-blowing) literature, sushi, concerts/festivals, long walks in scenic parks, photography, blogging, reading, and the list goes on and on (for it honestly doesn’t take much to please me). 

Dislikes: Both arrogance and ignorance, violence, those who are stuck-up, spiders, and mushrooms. 

Random Fact About Myself: I’m a very spiritual person, and I’m all about unlocking the 7 Chakras, using crystals to collect energy, and all of that fun jazz. However, if you aren’t spiritual or religious in any sense, I definitely won’t think any different of you. In fact, I enjoy hearing about others’ beliefs and views, and I can promise you that I will respect them (I just ask that you please respect mine, too). 

E-Mail: kinsey_bingham @ yahoo . com  
Tumblr: http://baeskitty.tumblr.com/

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