Hi! ( ゚o⌒)ノ 

Name: Ashe

Age: 22 [November]

Location & language: Midwest USA. I speak English fluently and can hold simple conversations in Japanese (gonna reside there someday, hoo boy!). 

Interests: Film (specifically science fiction, horror, and international with nods to Hindi and Japanese horror; Mid-Century Jack Lemmon), animation & manga, offbeat recipes, alternative fashion and creative arts, and witchcraft. I have an ~extended~ interests lists for quick reference as to whether we’d be a good match [read: I’m a douche].

For the potentials; buh, buh, buhhhh:
Age: Min 21, max 35. Honestly, use your judgement. If you believe we’re at different stages of life or we share few interests, we prolly will not be great matches. I don’t want things to burn after a few letters. 🙁
Gender sexuality, etc: Any. This includes disabilities of any kind, mental and physical along with non-binary anything. I myself am an atheist bisexual, but I welcome all faiths into my friendship. /thumbs up
Location: Worldwide preferred (oh hey, USA brethren, too). In regards to parcels: I can’t send large packages every month due to weirdly high charges, but if it fits into my mailbox, I can ship it. Woo-hoo.
Communication: Emails, letters/parcels, or LINE. We can potentially graduate to Skype, phone calls, and texts. I have no problem sharing snapchat so long as we’re active penpals. I can’t respond everyday. I try to respond within the week, but sometimes I get distracted [usually every other day for texts or snaps]. If that happens, feel free to give me a nudge. 
Contact: mahou-sempai @ tumblr. 

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