Hey I’m Bronwyn. I’m keen for a pen pal who is interested in getting to know me and form a great friendship with using Skype and email, with the odd handwritten letters 🙂 The idea of having a pen pal and learning about the different cultures and way of life i find fascinating.

A Bit about me: I’m currently 17, 18 in January, i’m from little old New Zealand. I only speak English, however i can recall a little bit of french that i have previously learnt. I’m a massive fan of reading, any murder/mystery novels are my thing, especially Chris Carters works. I’m also interested in the study of the sciences and one day I would love to work as a forensic scientist, which i’m hopefully starting the  journey to get their next year 🙂 Music i enjoy but the more ‘Hipster’ music as some may say as its not the typical artists played on the radio. Not a big movie fan either however i did enjoy the da vinci code and the kingsman secret service. i really dislike massive dramas to so i tend to shy away from them, and i’m not a big fan on watching sport or playing team sport (i lack coordination) however i was a swimmer for 6 ish years.

My Ideal Pen Pal:
– aged 17-20
– Any Gender
– From another country as the whole idea is to learn about different ways of life
– i would love to Skype on the regular its just so much easier
– Email is cool to, snail mail would be cool occasionally not as the main method of contact though.

Contact me through my email: bronwyn.c.53@outlook.com or through my tumblr: starysky.tumblr.com

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