Hey I’m Kylie and I’m 16 years old

So I’ll just give you the run down of who I am soooo 

My name is Kylie, im 16 and I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand, I’m a vegan so this basically means I don’t eat meat or dairy… I do casual modelling for some photographers every now and then uhh what else I’m an Aries if that means anything to some people I know a few of my friends are very into astrology which is cool.. I really love rugby and watch it all the time I’m very passionate about fitness, health and I’m a runner so I usually run every now and then and do big as runs like 12km lazy runs at times and go hiking and adventuring and that which is cool!! Hmmm what else to say well I don’t want to give away too much cause then we’ll have nothing to talk about but email me at kyliemfisher21@gmail.com and we can like email and that and snapchat and follow each other on instagram and talk about our lives and be like best friends through the web that’d be rad asf anyways 

Laters 🙂

P.S it would be rad as if you were vegan also :O :O :O

P.P.S it would be good if your between 15-18

Sick, okay…. Bye lovlies have a good day or night xxx

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