International/Domestic Pen Pal?


Hey, everyone! I’m Emme, I’m 16, from the US (WA state to be exact) and am looking for a snail mail pen pal (domestic/us ONLY) and an email buddy otherwise. 

Some of my interests include reading, writing, music and Steven Universe (!!

I’m also MTF Transgender, so intolerant people please don’t contact me 🙂

You can reach me via email at (eamorey @ outlook . com)

If you are international (i.e. not in the US) I’d be open to parcel-exchanges including but not limited to candies and art.

I’d like my pen pal to be under 20 years old, I speak a little Spanish and fluent English, as it is my Mother Tongue.

My tumblr is:
and probs won’t change anytime soon 😛

Aaand one random fact: I have loads of old pen pals 😛

Take care, lovelies <3

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