NAME: Le Ann

AGE: 17. (Turning 18 at the end of the year.)

LOCATION: Singapore


STUDY?: Junior College/Pre-U (Taking A Levels, graduating soon.)

Depends on my mood. Surfing the web, computer gaming, reading, writing, etcetera. I like reading and collecting books. 🙂 I read ebooks too because I can get them online (books are so expensive these days *sobs*) and they’re more convenient to read on the go, but if I could, every book I read would be a hardcopy. I tend to collect books faster than I can read them too so I’ve got a stack of books that been collecting dust as I try to catch up on them (Reading currently on temporary ‘haitus’ because of exams – I get too emotionally affected/addicted by books).

I also enjoy crafts. Picked up basic crocheting, does occasional scrap booking (not so much anymore because $$$) and I hope to pick up machine sewing after my As. Oh! I also love jigsaw puzzles to bits. (But everything I like is so expensive OTL)

I like writing, but am not very good at it, with my plots often getting tangled and me loosing track of what story I was trying to tell in the first place. That, and my vocabulary is limited when it comes to descriptive writing. 

LIKES: Books, Ear Piercings, Cats, DIY Crafts, Jigsaws, Stickers, Notebooks, K-pop Albums (they design it so nicely 0_o), Stationary, Socks, Photography.

BOOKS: Harry Potter Series, anything Crime/Horror/Thriller or Fantasy/Sci-fi I’d go for. Not a big fan of the Romance genre. 

MOVIES: Harry Potter Series, Disney Animation, Hayao Miyazaki Animations, How to Train Your Dragon, Chronicles of Narnia, Taegukgi. 

TV: CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds, occasional anime and a whole lod of wildlife documentaries courtesy of National Geographic and Discover Channel. 

MUSIC: Taylor Swift, Owl City, Yimura, Sungha Jung, Ghibli Music Collection, Choir Music, Disney Soundtracks, Broadway Soundtracks, soundtracks in general. Other than that, I also enjoy k-pop, c-pop and j-pop. 


Preferably someone near my age of any gender. 🙂 I’d love to receive mail from around the world and I’m open to learning new languages. ^^

I’m hoping to find pen pals to exchange snail mail with so.. yup. :3

Tumblr: penpseudonym (side) 

Email: monochromeperspectives@gmail.com

Kik: wintercearig

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