Hey! I am looking for a serious long-term pen pal. I have tried this before once but to honest got lots of creeps. I just want somebody who is 14-18 and knows how to hold a conversation. Any gender is fine 🙂 I am interested in any type of communication including snail mail. I also only speak English and a very small amount of French.

My hobbies: music! I love love music I love anything from grateful dead to chief keef so my music taste is very diverse. Also plants I love little cacti and flowers (my favorite flowers are red roses). I love horror movies and Halloween is my second favorite holiday. I have two fluffy dogs I love very much. 

I live in the grand ole state of Ohio, US and I am 15. Currently a 10th grader in high school. An interesting fact about me is I can move one nostril at a time.

*Please do not contact me unless you are looking for a long-term friendship*


: ilikecake @

: thequeeen_xoxo

: KittyKat1555


If you want to contact me on anything different just message on tumblr 🙂

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