Name : Nastassja

Age : 25

Country : Rheine, Germany

About me: I am an amateur photographer & a graphic designer. I am a web lover, a subtly charming tea fan and a bookworm. I am a good listener, friendly and hungry for new things and new experience. I am married and not looking for love. 

Interests: Books, nerdy stuff,  tv shows (BBC series, It Crowd, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Outlander), MUSIC (Rock, metal, oldies, jazz, classic, folk, celtic), cooking, reading, yoga, art, design, photography, Scotland, UK, Gaelic 

Hobbies: design (Ai, Id, Ps, Lr), photography, traveling 

Languages I speak: English, German, Russian

Contact: ( you can write me here, and I’ll answer you as quickly as possible ) P.S My tumblr is just a place where i collect what I like, but not everything what i like 😉 

Penpals I’m looking for: 

Over 23. Or 20+

 I am looking for a soulmate (preferably from Scotland or UK) 

Hey! If u have similar interests,  or if u just feel lonely and like my profile –  write me!



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  1. Hello There, My name is Toni, i am 28 years old from Uk, I saw your ad and i thought we would make a great pen pals as we have a things in common. I love books, outlander, travelling and many other things. Please feel free to give me an email and i am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 🙂

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