Hello ! I want to penpal for ages. But now, I’ve got plenty of time to begin this adventure.

About me : I’m Margaux, I’m 21 and obviously I’m a girl. I’m french. I’m a student in literature, I’m beginning my master’s degree. I speak both french and english. I’d love to learn other languages.

What I like, hobbies : I love reading and literature, watching movies (almost every kind of them) and tv shows, I love art and visiting museums, historical places… History is something I love too. I’m a comic-book addict, I love tea and cats (a lot). I also like to write and to customize things. The internet is also something a like (too much, maybe).

What I’m looking for in a penpal :

Firstly, I don’t care if you are a boy or a girl, where you live, your sexuality, your skin colour doesn’t matter at all, everybody kind and friendly is welcome ! Obviously, it would be much better if you speak english so we can communiate, but as I said I’m eager to discover new languages.

I see a penpal as someone I can share and talk about things we both like but also as an opportunity to discover new things. I’m looking for open-minded people ready to talk about what they like but also to discuss more serious topics and issues. I’d like to find someone ready to start this adventure, taking it seriously, someone who really wants to be involve, who would write more than one or two letters. Indeed, I’d like to snail mail.

To contact me, you can send a message on my tumblr (yes, it’s empty for now but I will answer, and also post things latter, haha) :

Thank you for reading ! ♥

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