Hello all! My name is Casey and I’m an art student currently living in the US. I am 19 and female and I just love sending letters and receiving them! I already have two other pen pals, so I’m a reliable pen pal who doesn’t just give up on the second letter…

A little about me:

As I said, I am an artist and am currently working towards a B.F.A in Illustration, with a minor in video game design. That’s right, I love video games! I also recently purchased a DSLR camera and love taking pictures! I work in both traditional and digital media, and love basically every form of art. I danced 9 years of ballet and continue with yoga now. My ideal pen-friend would be someone who would be willing to send/receive art, small and inexpensive gifts, and of course stimulating conversation beyond just reciting what you did that day.

I am looking for a genuine friend! Please contact me if you are interested!  

Preferably I am looking for another female, 17-25. You don’t have to be an artist, but it’s a bonus! 


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